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Easily store and share photos, videos, documents, and more — anywhere, on any device. Plus, get 10 GB when you sign up.

What do you get?

  1. Security and protectionWe can assure you, that files is encrypted and secure. Filesconqueror takes the security of your data very seriously.
  2. You are anonymousFurthermore You can be sure that we scan every file automatically before letting you cache it. Anonymous – this is what you are.
  3. Check out the cloudWe really know that You gonna like the product. That's why we are offering all our new visitors get today, a 1 week trial.
We delivers an easy way to store your files and universal online backup. Sign up!

Pick up a plan that fits your needs

  1. easy start
  2. $ 1,00(average $ 1,00 / day)
  3. 1 day access
  4. 10 GB storage
  5. 50 GB transfer limit
  6. 99,7% time guaranteed
  7. Trial unavailable
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  1. Platinum package
  2. $ 39,99(average $ 1,33 / day)
  3. 30 days access
  4. 50 GB storage
  5. Unlimited transfer
  6. 99,9% time guaranteed
  7. Test for 7 days for only $1
  8. Start this planSubscription payment.
  1. Optimum box
  2. $ 9,99(average$ 1,43 / day)
  3. 7 days access
  4. 20 GB storage
  5. Unlimited transfer
  6. 99,7% time guaranteed
  7. Trial unavailable
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* 7-day trial for $1.00 applies to 1 month Platinum plan only

You can use many devices

One place for all your files from all your devices.

We make you possible that you can send the files from all devices you work on. What do you need? It's enough that your device supports the web browser as well as the Internes access.

You will easily send your files from your cell phone or tablet to our cloud and than you will download this files on your PC. Don't waist your time, check how it works! Make yourself comfortable and save your files!